Hello, my name is Noriko. I am the owner of Global Toyonaka.
I belong to an NPO which promotes international cultural exchange. I founded Global Toyonaka in January 2008 with the leader of the NPO in order to make a place where foreigners can enjoy working and also to have good relationships with them by speaking English, the international language. My main hobby is playing golf, but I am not good at it. I also do aerobics to keep fit. My goal in the near future is to speak Korean fluently, and my long term goal is to make our school the best in Japan with fun, comfort, and quality of lessons here at Global Toyonaka.


Hello! I’m Akiko. I teach TOEIC at Global Toyonaka, and I enjoy it very much!  
I also teach junior high school students, who are so lovely!
I love hiking and watching films.  I lived in England and Turkey for a while!
I look forward to seeing you at Global Toyonaka!
イギリス・トルコに在住経験あり。中学校教諭一種免許(英語)高等学校教諭一種免許(英語)英検1級・TOEIC990点取得。 GTではTOEIC、中学生英語を担当しています。どうぞよろしくお願いします!


Hi folks,
It is my great honor to present myself as one of the teachers at Global Toyonaka!
I am a third generation Toyonakan after my grandparents moved from Tottori.  I have lived in Toyonaka almost all of my life except for the 11 months I spent in Boston 20 years ago as a Fulbright scholar at Emerson College, and these days except for some weeks here and there to visit my family in the United States.  At Global Toyonaka, I have enjoyed teaching secondary school English, conversational English, medical English, TOEIC and TOEFL, believing there are even more fun classes to come!  I look foward to meeting you out there some time soon.


Hello. My name is Matt. I'm from England.
I lived in France for 8 years, and I have been in Japan since April 2015.
I like history, traveling, cinema and good food, like delicious yakiniku, yakitori and sashimi…mmm!
My advice is to never be afraid of making mistakes, or asking questions if you don’t understand everything.


Hi there!This is Luca. I’m English and Italian teacher at Global Toyonaka since Spring of 2020. I’m Italian from Croatia, and I have been living in Osaka for few years now. Before moving to Japan, I lived in different countries since I was a little kid: beside Croatia and Italy, where I spent most of my life, I lived about one year in each Sweden, USA (Alabama), Canada (Toronto), six years in Australia (Melbourne), and shorter periods in Hawaii, Miami, and London (where I took the CELTA course to teach English as foreign language). I studied history and geography at the University of Trieste (Italy). These two very subjects are also my greatest interests, along with geopolitics, philology, gastronomy. I like travelling and getting to know different cultures and corners of the world, cooking, and tasting (feasting on!) a variety of good food and drinks, reading books and papers, watching documentaries and sports, listening to music. I’m pretty into outdoor activities. I can generally describe myself as a friendly, sociable, and curious person. Chronologically, English is the third language I have learnt and started speaking, therefore I’m well aware of the struggles non-native English-speaking students may face.
こんにちは!ルカです。2020年の春からグローバル豊中で英語とイタリア語の講師をしています。 私はクロアチア出身のイタリア人で、数年前から大阪に住んでいます。日本に来る前は、人生の大半を過ごしたクロアチアとイタリアの他に、スウェーデン、アメリカ(アラバマ州)、カナダ(トロント)にそれぞれ1年ずつ、オーストラリア(メルボルン)に6年、ハワイ、マイアミ、ロンドン(外国語としての英語を教えるためのCELTAコースを受講)で短い期間過ごすなど、小さい頃から様々な国に住んでいました。 私はトリエステ大学(イタリア)で歴史と地理を学びました。この2つの科目は、地政学、言語学、美食(法)と並んで、私の最大の関心事でもあります。 旅行をして、世界のさまざまな文化や地域について知ること、さまざまなおいしい食べ物や飲み物を作って味わうこと、本や論文を読むこと、ドキュメンタリーやスポーツを見ること、音楽を聴くことが好きです。アウトドア・アクティビティも大好きです。私は概して自分自身をフレンドリーで社交的、そして好奇心旺盛な人間だと表現することができます。

Yuuki Furukawa

Hello. My name is Yuki Furukawa. I'm from Kobe. I like playing tennis. I also like visiting hot spring resorts. When I was in university, I majored in English linguistics, which means I'm interested in languages! I always enjoy teaching my students, and learning a lot with them.
こんにちは。古川祐樹です。 神戸出身で、大学では言語学を専攻していました。


Annyeonghaseyo, I’m Kirin from KOREA.
My major is linguistics. Let’s enjoy KOREAN culture and language with me.


陳 琛(ちんしん) と言います。約20年前に大阪大学で文学博士号を取得、その後、阪大での招聘教授を経て、現在豊中市市役所で外国人相談窓口の中国語相談員です。 中国語の指導歴が30年以上あります。


Alfonso Garduño Arzave. Mexican and Dr. in anthropology and specialist in ancient art of ancient America and Spanish language instructor with certification

We invite you to learn about the beauty and practical importance of Spanish, one of the most spoken languages ​​in the world that will allow you to discover a whole world of wonders and ancient traditions. Come with me and discover with us the charming language of art and culture.


Hi my name is Abhilasha and I’m from India. I’ve lived in Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur as well. I’m interested in linguistics and intercultural communication. I studied linguistics at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. I love learning languages, reading and going for walks. Let’s have a great time studying English together! ‎


Hello, guys. I've just become a member of Global Toyonaka. My major at college was law, but l love learning English. Now I enjoy learning and teaching English with lovely students here.




I was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. I became a staff member in April 2014. I look forward to working with you. My hobby is badminton, which I practiced during my school days. I play badminton once a week. I enjoy various crafts when I have time, but my goal is to keep doing a little of all of them, including English, for a long time.
2014年4月からスタッフとなりました。よろしくお願いします。 趣味は学生時代に培った?バドミントンを週に一度しています。時間がある時には色々なクラフトを楽しんでいますが、英語も含めてどれも細く長くが目標です。


I was born and raised in Takatsuki City, Osaka. After that I have lived in Toyonaka for 10 years and feel completely attached to the area. My hobby is listening to music. Now I enjoy listening to Jazz music. As a staff member, I will do my best to make Global Toyonaka a comfortable place of learning for everyone!
大阪・高槻市で生まれ育ち、豊中に住み始めて10年、すっかり豊中の地に愛着を感じています。 趣味は音楽を聴くこと。最近はJAZZを好んで聴いています。 グローバル豊中がみなさんにとって心地よい学びの場となるようスタッフとしてがんばります!
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