What is Global Toyonaka?
Founded in 2008, Global Toyonaka provides you with opportunities to mingle with the local international residents and to learn English which is gaining even more importance as an international language, and other languages. We attract popularity as “the language school in our town,” and people including young children, students, business people, housewives and retired citizens are learning different languages and developing their language skills in a friendly atmosphere. Global Toyonaka offers a wide range of learning opportunities to meet your needs in this age of globalization. Our open-to-the public English Café and the Summer and Christmas Parties give you the perfect opportunity in a natural English-speaking environment to use what you have learn during lessons. It’s also about meeting people from other classes and making new friends, as well as having fun with your teachers and the office staff.
Now open the door to Global Toyonaka, and spread your wings around the world!




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